Victor Osimhen net worth – The Napoli striker’s true worth

Victor Osimhen with the thumbs up after scoring for Napoli
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Victor Osimhen net worth is the subject of debate.

Ten years ago, Victor Osimhen was still in the suburb of Lagos, trying to make meaning out of his life.

Like most young Nigerians, he had the ambition to better his lot, but the odds stood heavily against him. For Osimhen, it was a massive bet against the odds.

Victor Osimhen goes through his drills in pre-season
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Whoever believed that the young lad from Olusosun could rise to the pinnacle of his chosen career? Who thought the world would today be discussing Victor Osimhen net worth?

Within an industry stacked to the brim with talented hustlers looking to climb the ladder, talent was not enough to see him through. He needed his talent to show forth, but beyond that, he had to have grit, determination and a massive wind of fortune to blow his way.

Perhaps we can call Emmanuel Amunike the angel sent by God to bring him forth and showcase him to the world. Almost a decade gone, the young kid from Olusosun is sitting on top of the world.

Now is a proper time to ask, what is Victor Osimhen net worth?

Plodding to the top

Football is business. Long gone are the days when players got into the game out of passion. Now, money rules the game. It dictates its flow, and like in music and movies, it has created multi-million dollar superstars.

Victor Osimhen ready to score again for Napoli
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The intrinsic value of a player no longer depends on how much the player can deliver on the pitch. It also depends on how much appeal he attracts from the fans.

Let’s skip the minor shenanigans of how Osimhen plodded through the streets and paths of Olusosun, a neighbourhood overlooking a massive dumpsite and jump to the meat of the matter. What is Victor Osimhen net worth?

It is hard to put a number to the actual worth of the mercurial striker, but we’ll break his financial value down.

Victor Osimhen net worth

Osimhen is undoubtedly a millionaire. He may not be standing on the same pedestal as Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but the 24-year-old striker is a superstar.

The Napoli striker currently has a conservative net worth of $2 million. There are arguments that it ranges between $7 – $25 million. In a world where footballers are put under the lens and scrutinized thoroughly, they have learned to be secretive.

How much does Osimhen earn?

No matter what Osimhen earns at Napoli, he has the potential to make more. The former Lille striker has risen from his meagre €3,635 at Charleroi to €25,000 per week at Lille and now, over £90,000/week at Napoli.

It makes for a proper grass-to-grace story. However, it seems, Osimhen is only warming up. The Super Eagles star is in flight, and Napoli may be a transit point to earning the super mega bucks.

Osimhen market value

Victor Osimhen in action for Napoli in 2023-24 pre-season
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In estimating Victor Osimhen net worth, it is pertinent to take a look at his market value. According to Transfermarkt, the Napoli striker is worth £120 million.

However, it would likely take more than that kind of dough to prise the youngster away from the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.

Aurelio De Laurentiis, Napoli president, once said he would not sell Osimhen for less than €200 million.

Negotiations are ongoing between Osimhen and the club over a new, improved contract, with the former Lille striker demanding more than double his current wages.

Al Hilal have also tabled a €140 million (£120 million) for the striker, offering him wages of almost £1 million per week. Napoli wants upwards of €150 million.


Victor Osimhen on his knees in a Napoli fixture
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Victor Osimhen’s net worth increases with his endorsements and image rights at Napoli. The striker is known to have sealed a multi-million naira endorsement deal with Reckitt, makers of Dettol soap.

He was also known to be an ambassador for Nike. The image rights deal with Nike was the subject of controversy between him and the Neapolitans before he signed with Napoli.

Victor Osimhen cars and houses

Osimhen has maintained secrecy with his possessions. Unlike some players, he does not share his possessions on social media. However, he was occasionally spotted in an exotic Mercedes G-Wagen, delivered in 2021 and costing N65,000,000. Osimhen also owns a Rolls-Royce, luxury vans, and other beautiful cars.

Reports also suggest the former Under-17 World Cup winner may have his fingers in Real Estate within and outside Nigeria.

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