Osimhen transfer: Journalist makes shock claim amid Napoli troubles

Journalist makes shocking Osimhen transfer claim amid Napoli troubles
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Chelsea-focused reporter Nizaar Kinsella has made a big claim in the ongoing Victor Osimhen transfer saga.

Kinsella claims that Osimhen is trying to force his way out of Napoli.

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Both parties began the 2023/24 season with an understanding to extend their partnership beyond 2025, as reported by Goalball Live.

Discussions on the details were also being held, one of which included the insertion of a buyout clause that would be activated at the end of the 2023/24 season.

However, issues from the past few weeks have stalled those discussions, and an Osimhen transfer this season is looking inevitable.

Osimhen transfer saga: The details

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis said in mid-October 2023 about the Osimhen transfer saga:

“I have never not been calm when it comes to (Victor) Osimhen, but it takes two to tango. I remain the same, if his mood has changed, then there’s not much I can do about that.

“If after a handshake, things change, that is disappointing, we take it into account, but life goes on.

“We have a good rapport with him, the contract runs to 2025, so there is time. Don’t forget that I sold (Kalidou) Koulibaly at the last minute.”

Reports emerged immediately that Osimhen and his entourage were unhappy about the comments made by the club’s president.

However, fans of Italian football know very well that De Laurentiis was as honest as he could be with those comments because of the calibre of players he has let go in the past.

The shock, however, is that up until matchday 5 of the 2023/24 season and the silliness that followed, the Osimhen transfer saga only looked like a media machination.

As the media picked up on his comments, Napoli released a statement clarifying the latest twist in the Osimhen transfer saga following their president’s comments.

Osimhen transfer saga: Napoli and Osimhen relationship not strained

“SSC Napoli would like to clarify recent comments made by president Aurelio De Laurentiis regarding Victor Osimhen, given that his words have been distorted by certain media publications,” the statement, made via their official website, read.

“President De Laurentiis did not say anything negative about Victor. He simply stated that after a series of lengthy contract negotiations which ended with the parties shaking hands and agreeing to continue together, Victor had second thoughts.

“President De Laurentiis hopes this is merely a pause for reflection. Over the coming weeks, when Victor will not be able to play as he recovers from injury, the president, Osimhen and his agent Roberto Calenda will sit down calmly to discuss the future.

“Describing relations between Osimhen and Napoli as frosty is entirely out of place.”

It has been suggested that the feelings of betrayal that the Super Eagles ace felt after the terrible social media gaffe from the club led to him looking to cut ties with the team totally.

There were also claims that Liverpool, Chelsea and some other clubs have been in his ear following that incident, leading to him halting contract negotiations.

Now, Kinsella has claimed that the striker’s silence towards Napoli’s offer is in a bid to force his way out of the club.

No new date for Osimhen transfer talks give credence to Kinsella claims

Speaking on the LondonIsBlue podcast, Kinsella said about the Osimhen transfer saga: “I think that Osimhen is trying to force his way out of Napoli in the long run, but Napoli are very good at holding firm and don’t really get bullied by their players.

“So I think that’ll be tricky to get Osimhen over the line in January.”

There is no new date for the discussion of the terms of the supposed agreement between Osimhen and Napoli which suggests that the player could truly be trying to force his way out of the club.

However, the price tag plus interest from other clubs could mean that Chelsea will be unable to sign the striker who their legend Didier Drogba once described as the complete striker.

Osimhen, who is currently recovering from an injury he picked up on international duty with the Nigeria national team, also recently lashed out at Napoli fans asking for his autograph, leading to even more media reports that the player is done with the Partenopei.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the next few weeks will be.

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