English Premier League Emerges Europe’s Best League

The English Premier League has emerged number one ranked league in Europe, according to report.

Currently, England and the Premier League have a coefficient score of 98.997 after the nation’s success in both the Champions League and Europa League.

Both Manchester City and Chelsea are leading the way in the Champions League, while Manchester United and Arsenal are very much in the Europa League. 

With two Premier League clubs in both the semi-finals of the Champions League and Europa League – the English top-flight has officially outperformed LaLiga in three of the last five seasons.

Even Champions League and Europa League glory will leave Spain and LaLiga sitting in England’s shadow.

That is because the gap between the two countries will increase when the rankings move on a season.   

Spain currently have a coefficient score of 97.425. while England’s score has eclipsed that of their 2018-19 record and could even go on to beat the all-time highest coefficient score set by Spain in 2015-2016.

England’s rise to the top of the UEFA rankings will not affect either nation’s number of Champions League places. 

Europe’s Best League: UEFA Coefficient Table:

1. England 98.997

2. Spain 97.425

3. Italy 75.153

4. Germany 73.570

5. France 56.081

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